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"The word of the Lord is right and true,

He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Girls are Flourishing

As you can see, the girls are growing and doing great.  They fit right in to our family so well.  This was a fun day at the park.  They are now in school again and doing well. Clara knows all her letters and is learning all their sounds.  She will be reading soon.  Abby is happy and can recognize some of her letters and is writing her name.  They love school and love their family.  Don't you love how long their hair is getting.I will try to post more often about what is going on.  For now enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

More pics of the holidays

holiday pics 2011

Listening to the Christmas story

All their cousins and Grandma Jean

Our Whole Family Together for Christmas 2011

Abby decorated a birthday cake for Jesus

Clara decorating a birthday cake for Jesus

Catching up! and Happy New Year!

January 1, 2012
There has been lots going on over the past serveral months but suffice it to say all is going well. The girls have settled right in at home and at school. They have enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas. They love being a part of our family and we love them too. We have celebrated with good friends and family and have been so blessed in so many ways. We are looking forward to 2012. Enjoy the pictures!
All 9 of our treasures together in one place!

All done decorating the tree

Abby and Clara strutting their stuff!

Abby decorating her first Christmas tree

Clara decorating her first Christmas tree

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More pics!

October 27th,2011

Our Girls!

What We've been up to!

October 27,2011

We have been very busy with life at home with 9 children. I wanted to post some pics of what we have been doing. The girls are great. They are picking up some English and yet maintaining their Russian/Ukrainian. They are very happy and doing great in school. Clara can count to 5 and knows most colors, can write her name and is learning her alphabet. Abby is trying very hard to write. She is picking up English and is always happy. They both still love to sing and dance and love their baby dolls. We continue to have many appointments for them as well as the other children so we are so busy but we are making it work. Here are some pics:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Living Each Day one hour at a time.

August 20,2011

Sorry for my lack of posts but as you can imagine I am very busy. With all the appointments, doctor's appointments, school starting and working I don't have much free time. I literally am just functioning to get through each day as I need to minute by minutes. The girls are adjusting well. They have been sick with bad colds and coughs but otherwise fine. They love school. Nothing seems to bother them. We are working on routine and adjustment. Other than school, church and doctor's appointments we havent taken them anywhere. We are dealing with a lot right now and just learning how to get used to our new normal. Right now I am kind of numb from all that happened in the Ukraine and then getting home to all the chaos without a minute to rest. I literally got home that Sunday at 10pm and was at work at 5am Monday morning. I haven't stopped yet so I really haven't had a chance to process any of it. I have a lot to work through in my head right now and just need time. I will be posting pictures soon. Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

We're Home!

August 6, 2011

The Girls and I made it home but it was quite the amazing journey. But what did we expect after the month we had in the Ukraine!

I will be posting all about our trip home soon, I promise. We are settling in and the girls are doing great!


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