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"The word of the Lord is right and true,

He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day with Our Girls-For Now

May 31, 2011
We started our morning off meeting Inna at another office to apply for the girls birth certificates. After that Tim wanted to go back to the apartment and Inna and I were going to go walking and shopping. We had cappucinos and pastries then sent Tim back to the apartment and Inna and I shopped. We found lots of good buys for the girls when I come back. While we were sho opping Tim called and he was lost. Inna and I had a good laugh and went to find him. A few Metro stops later we found him and got him on his way to the apartment. We went back to shopping. We had a nice afternoon and then went to eat lunch. We talked a lot and really got to know each other better. I really like Inna, she is easy to spend time with. We met up with Tim and then we were off to meet Anatoly for more paperwork. The local office wanted some paper that Anatoly could not obtain. There was much discussion and it was decided the orphanage would have to apply for this paper. There is a lot of technical stuff and we cannot apply for court until everything is in place, including our Interpol clearance-which we are still waiting for. They assured us it will all be ready to apply for court this week. We then went to the orphanage. When they brought the girls out they ran to us with their usual greetings and then Victoria took hold of papa and Marina grabbed on to me. We went outside and played in the shade. We tried to sit quietly with small magna doodles. This did not last too long. We ended up in the back again with them running around the building and yelling c'mere to get us to chase them. I forgot to mention yesterday that Tim had them acting like monsters and chasing each other yesterday as they growled. They wanted to play this again. Victoria liked collecting rocks and laying them out and counting. We sang songs with them and used hand movements and they loved this and tried to sing along and do the motions. They were so sweet. We had a great time playing with them. Marina was full of hugs and loves to be rubbed on. They both let us pick them up and carry them today too. When it was time for us to leave they were not very happy. Marina cried and threw a fit. It was so sad. We gave them hugs and kisses and told them we would be back in a week. It was very hard to leave them like that. We took the Metro back to the apartment and told Inna goodbye. Anatoly will be picking us up for the airport at 3am. our flight leaves at 5:30am here but 1130pm at home. We will get home on Wed night at 8:50pm USA time. Looking forward to seeing our treasures waiting for us at home, just not looking forward to the long flights. We have been so blessed this week. We have suffered some big heartbreaks but we are still blessed. We did not get to see Anya this week. Maybe next week when we return. Maybe not seeing her is for the best. These girls are our daughters and we are so happy and blessed to be their Mama and Papa.

Mama c'mere, Papa C'mere

May 30,2011
The afternoon visit the girls were very excited to see us back. They always greet us very happily and kind of curtsy and say their names. They are so cute. Victoria went right to papa and Miranda went right to mama. Victoria pointed to papa and said "my mama" and pointed to mama and said "Marinka's mama". Marinka is Victoria's nickname for Miranda. They pulled us both up by the hands and said C'mere Mama and C'mere papa. Off we went hand in hand with our girls outside. We went to a kind of gazebo to play. We got the bubbles out and they loved them but once they got their hands on them they dumped them pretty quickly. Need to get the spillless kind of bubbles. We got out balls and kicked them around for a while But they never stopped for very long. They went in for a snack and we went for a drink. When we came back they were just coming outside and they ran to us yelling "mama, Papa". We played for another hour in the back area. They ran around yelling c'mere mama, cmere papa. We did not sit down very much. We got many hugs and kisses. Marina loves to be loved on more than Victoria but when Victoria sees Marina getting loving she wants loving too. They bot kissed us goodbye before we left. We promised to be back tomorrow. We went back to the apartment on the Metro-quite a long ride. We ate at the Italian place again. It was pretty good. We picked up laundry detergent and spent the evening doing laundry. We have an early morning to do paperwork then back to the orphanage.

Unstoppable Energy

Victoria trying to take the camera

Papa wouldn't give her the camera

The bubbles lasted about 2 minutes then allgone

They couldn't understand not to dump them over

Concentrating hard on the bubbles

Monday, May 30, 2011

More of our Treasures

Miranda got ahold of my glasses, very silly

Victoria playing with Papa

Mama and Miranda hanging out

More pics from our morning visit

Papas hug from Miranda

Miranda telling Mama something

Victoria has booboos-that's medicine on knees

What a Day with the Girls!

May 30, 2011
Oh my goodness, what a day we have had. We were able to spend about an hour with the girls in a playroom this morning. It was very warm in there and the girls were very active. There were toys all over this room and they didn't know what to grab first. Victoria and Tim played with a game at first and Miranda pulled me around and sat on me, grabbed my glasses, hit me a few times and stole my shoes. We gave them toy phones which they liked a lot. When they saw the real camera well let's just say Victoria got her hands on it and took about 20 pictures. When we left there we felt like we had just been through a wrestling match. We spent some time talking with the orphanage doctor and the teacher and learned a lot about the girls. A lot of it we observed ourselves already. Victoria is the smarter one, has a larger vocabulary and she is a leader. She likes to organize games with the other girls and has a great imagination. She is much calmer and follows direction better. Miranda well she is not as far as Victoria. She is just started talking, mostly short phrases or single words. She is a little aggressive and bossy at times. She does not tend to play with the other children. She likes one on one attention or plays alone. I have added some of the pictures from the morning visit and I will post some more. Later I will tell you about our afternoon visit.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Worhshipping and Staying Occupied

May 29,2011
We started our day off taking a taxicab to Kiev Hillsong Church. I had heard about it from another blog when they were here. She gave me directions to get there and Inna helped us find it yesterday and called a cab "today to take us. We arrived after it started but the praise and worship was awesome. The words were on the screen in both English and their language so we were able to sing along. They were singing popular praise songs we are familiar with. The main song we heard was Our God is Greater, Our God is Higher than any other. Some of the words wore if our God is for us who can be against us. It was so powerful. There was a female preacher and she was so passionate. Unfortunately there was no English interpretation but I got the gist of it due to videos. One Video showed someon in a race trying to jump the hurdles and then they just pushed them out of the way and kept running. Another video showed a runner fall while she was running and she got up and finished the race. Basically when we have obstacles or mountains in our way we can let them stop us or we can keep on going and push those mountains out of the way. We need to pick ourselves up and focus on Him to get us through. During one of the videos the song b Miley Cyrus played, "The Climb ". The words were just what I needed to remind me. "Theres always going to be another mountain--It's all about the climb. Everything the speaker talked about was in their language. But she had one phrase to say in English and she repeated several times. "The Best Is Yet To Come". For me today even though I couldn't understand the speaker, I heard her passion and her heart. It was like she spoke to me. That no matter what has been happening-no matter what mountain I have had to get through or over, I need to keep my eyes on him to get me through and to remember, "The Best is Yet to Come!" As I wait for tomorrow when I can see my girls and get the process rolling to get them home I know that "The Best is Yet to come!" And I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!
After Church we ate at a sweet little Italian restaurant. We had salad and pizza and it was very good. We rested for while at the apartment then met Inna for more walking and a riverboat cruise and then more walking and sightseeing. Tim and I finished the evening at our usual place to eat up the street from our apartment and now we are home relaxing. We can't wait until tomorrow when we can be with our girls tomorrow and Tuesday. I am holding on to the message "The Best is Yet to Come!"

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day of Sightseeing

May 28,2011
Today we spent the day sightseeing. We rode the Metro, went to the zoo and to other parts of the city. We walked and walked and walked. My hips and legs are so sore. The day was beutiful in the high 70's. Clear skies. It has been that way for the past couple of days. We enjoy spending time with Inna and she is an excellent guide. She really cares about making sure we have a good time. Last night we walked to Independence square for the "last bell" celebration. Bands performed and there were fireworks but we didn't stay long enough to see them. Today was "Kiev Day". Again lots of celebrating going on on Independence square again today. We heard fireworks again tonight. We are going to Kiev Hillsong Church tomorrow. Really looking forward to that. We are taking a taxi. Should be interesting. We will have the afternoon free and then are doing a riverboat cruise in the late afternoon/evening. Just really looking forward toMonday when we can see the girls again. We are still praying about a name for Victoria but we will let you know soon what we have decided on. We are going to bed soon, have to get up early for church. Can't wait to be home again.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Day of Dissapointments and Triumphs

May 27,2011

The plan today was to go sight seeing with our translator Inna and meet up with our facilitator at 2 to go get our refferals at the SDA and get our signed permission to visit the orphanage from some government official. So we spent the early part of our day at museums, a monk monestary,the World War II memorials and a house that the queen built here. It was all very interesting and kept our minds off of things. We walked many miles and also rode the metro (like our subways). We finally met up with Anatoly at the SDA office and got our referrals. We had to drive a ways in bumper to bumper traffic to this other office to get the permission stamped. It took over an hour to get there in traffic. The orphanage said we had to be there by 4 or they wouldn't let us visit. So it was a race against time. We get to the government office and led inside. A woman is talking with our translator and we are finally told that the government official who signs the permission left already. You see today is "last bell" or the last day of school and they had to get home to their families. Our facilitator and translator tried to get them to allow us to visit without this so we could at least meet our girls and not have to wait until Monday. They called the orphanage and talked with the principal who said that they have been going through inspections and the inspector may come back so they don't want to do anything that may not look legal. After much discussion with our facilitator and translator and the people in the office we left in defeat. I couldn't believe I wasn't going to meet my girls until Monday. I was so disappointed. But once we got to the car our facilitator made phone calls and said we were going to the orphanage. He had contacted the orphanage lawyer and she met us there. Then she and Anatoly ( our facilitator) went in to talk with the director and principal once again. About 10 minutes later he came out and said come on. We were going in. We entered through the iron gates and into a yard where there were several children. We were taken into the office and met with the director, the principal and another woman who may have been a teacher or something. They asked us questions and told us how much these kids mean to them and that they will miss them terribly. They asked us questions about our family and how we will have time with so many children. We explained that the 3 older children are not there as much and that we have plenty of love and time for all our children. Then in through the door came 2 amazing little girls. The first one was Miranda (her name on Reeces Rainbow's site) we will tell her real name later. She was so happy and bouncy. She went right up to Tim and was greeting him and talking to him. She even gave him a big hug. Our next little girl (Victoria on Reeces'Rainbow site) was a little more shy. But they both were doing dances for us, showing off their shoes and talking quite a bit. I then gave them each a toy cameral which they loved and quickly learned how to use them. I then got out the real camera and took their pictures. Miranda was so excited when she saw herself on the camera. Let me tell you Miranda is a bundle of energy and she never stops. Victoria is quieter and more shy. They say Victoria speaks clearer but since we don't understand them at all we couldn't tell. They were saying each others names and trying to say ours. They were both very happy and loving. They threw kisses when we left. Unfortunately since this was not an official visit we cannot go back until Monday to visit again. But let me tell you. My hear is filled with a peace today after getting to meet them and hearing their stories. I will still miss my Anya and hold her in my heart always, but these other 2 girls need a mama and dadda too. I will love them just as much but my heart still aches. I may get to meet Anya on Monday, I don't know. I am still praying for my sweet girl, but for now she is not to come home with us. So today was hard but in the end triumphant. We know we will be giving a forever family to 2 very precious little girls. So I will show you some pictures. They wouldn't stop moving for any decent pictures but here is what we were able to get. Miranda(Abby) is in pink and Victoria is in blue.

My Help Comes From The Lord

May 27,2011
This Morning as I sit here thinking about my sweet Anya (Emily), I am praying she will be happy and have every opportunity in life she would have had in the USA. I want her to be happy. And if the Lord wants her to be with her natural family then I have to accept that. But I keep singing over and over in my head and out loud: "I lift my eyes unto the hills where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth." I am crying out to him to do what is right for all the girls here. I want to do his will but my heart still says Anya is mine. I just do not understand why he would have me fall head over heals in love with this precious child only to take her away. Maybe one day I will know and understand. For now I am trying to get a grip on things and focus on what lies ahead today. I am trusting him and believing him for this, though I am still heartbroken. I will accept what happens today and I will still love my 2 daughters with all my heart. Anya will always be a part of me no matter what happens today. So Lord I am calling on you for help today. Help us to accept what you have planned for us and give us a peace and let us know that all of our girls are getting what is best for them. I know my help comes from you so please help us today.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Putting it in God's Hands

May 26th, 2011
We had our SDA appointment today. We went in feeling pretty good and ready to hear about our girls. The lady there told our translator something and I could tell it wasn't something we wanted to hear. It was something I never expected to hear. Although I had heard it had happened to other families I just never dreamed it would be what we would hear. But we were told that our Emily(her name on Reeces Rainbow site) was not available for adoption. We won't go into details but we will not be able to bring our little girl home. Miranda is available and we will be bringing her home as planned. Though we are devastated by this news we know we are meant to bring home 2 little girls so they allowed us to look at some other files. We are trying for one little girl in particular but if unable to get her we will be getting another one. This was very difficult to look at these precious faces and have to pick one. We will be able to give more information tomorrow once we know for sure which one. We will find out at 2:00pm our time and then go immediately to the orphanage to visit the girls. We are in shock and very sad right now but we are leaving it in God's hands. I guess this was his plan all along. His way of getting us here, we just don't know. We know His ways are best and we have to trust him to make this all work out for his good. We will post pictures of the girls once we know. Please pray for Emily that what has happened is for her good that she is going where she is supposed to go and that she will have a good life wherever that is. It is not for us to question why, we are believing God for his plan in all of this even though it is difficult. Pray for us tomorrow as we meet our girls and that God gives us a peace about the whole situation.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Are Here!

May 25,2011

We made it. Despite the weather-thunderstorms and tornados on Monday that prevented us from leaving until Tuesday. Then despite the Volcano that delayed on Tuesday, and despite more thunderstorms in K+++ when we were landing-2 attempts- we are here. We have settled into our apartment and gotten something to eat down the street at a U+++++++ cafeteria. It was pretty good. We exchanged money and got water. We are now trying to figure out how to get hot water. But we have our SDA appt tomorrow at 12 noon so we will get up and walk down the street for breakfast and meet our facilitator and translator to take us to the SDA building. Then we are praying for everything to be ready on Friday for us to begin seeing the girls. If it is not we won't begin seeing them until Monday. So please pray hard for everything to be ready on Friday. Our apartment is fine. Nothing fancy but adequate and within walking distance to the places we would need. The orphanage isn't too far by car and our translator says it is not hard to get to on the Metro. She will help us get there. She said we will not be on our own much. She is super nice. I will post more after our appointment tomorrow. Praising the one who asked us to follow him. We are so close to our blessings.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Delayed !

May 24,2011
Yesterday was not quite the day we had expected. We were supposed to leave Cincinnati at 3:35 pm for Chicago. Well after many delays due to storms, being evacuated due to a tornado and finally going home around 9pm we were still in Cincinnati. We went home to put our kids to bed and were reschedule for today. So here I sit now in Chicago waiting for our flight to Dusseldorf which doesn't leave until after 4pm and it is only 11:46 Chicago time. We will go from Dusseldorf to k+++ . We should arrive there at 2:50 pm on 5/25. We have our SDA appt on 5/26 and hopefully meet the girls on Fri 5/27. Please continue to pray for our travels and that our trip goes without incident. Pray for all of our paperwork to be good and again pray for our girls. We can't wait to get our hands around them. Also pray for all our kids at home. It was very hard on Gideon this morning to say good-bye again. We know the Lord is going before us and he will do what he says he will do! He will bring our girls home.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Next Leg of our Journey Begins!

May 22,2011
Tomorrow we get on the plane that will take us to our girls' country. It is so surreal. We have worked so long and hard for this day to get here and here it is! We spent the weekend getting last minute things done but also with our other kids. Friday night we took the 4 little ones to Chuck E Cheeses. They had a great time and so did we. Saturday we attending the Cappies Awards: These are the high school equivilant of the Emmy's. The tristate high schools that performed plays all year were viewed by cappies critics and there was a big awards night at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati Oh. Our son Jordan was nominated for best actor, best ensemble and the play was nominated for best play. We are so proud to say that our son is the "best Actor", won "Best Ensemble" and won "Best Play". We are very very proud. He graduates on June 3rd and we coming back home for that so we will have 2 trips. Today we worshipped with our church family and then spent the day with the kids and getting things done. We will be here to get the kids to school in the morning but will head to the airport before they come home. So they are a little sad tonight. It is going to be so hard to be away from them for so long. Please pray for their safety and comfort and their healty while we are gone. Pray that there are no problems while we are gone and that the time passes quickly for them. Pray we have safe travel and that our girls are ready to love and accept us. Pray for no glitches in paperwork or any problems getting home in time for graduation. Pray for a quick court date as well.
We want to thank everyone who has supported us emotionally, throughout this journey. Also a big thank you to those that have helped us financially to get our girls home too. Without all of you this would not be possible. We serve an awesome, awe inspiring, gasp causing, mountain moving God! Praise You!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 more days!

May 11,2011
In just 5 days we will be on a plane to Eastern Europe and oh so close to meeting our girls. All the last minute preparations are getting done. Making a schedule for the caregivers for our kids while we are gone. Getting hair done, getting all the shopping done, schoolstuff for the kids,getting Gideon to his appointments, and so much more. But we are still feeling so blessed and undeserving of all that the Lord has done for us. We are going to bring home 2 precious little girls who have lived their whole 8+ years of life in an orphanage. They will finally know what it is like to have a family who loves them. WE are praying that their hearts are ready for the love they will get. That they will readily accept our love and readily give it back. That their transition from the orphanage to living with us will go smoothly. We are praying for good flights and that the girls do well on the long flights. We are praying for a quick court date and that we get them home quickly We will be coming home before our court date because of our son Jordan's high school graduation and then returning for court. We know the Lord's timing will be perfect. Again we thank everyone that has contributed to get our girls home. Without you it would not be happening right now. Thank you for listening to the Lord and giving to our girls. We again are a little overwhelmed and still in shock. Our Lord is an amazing mountain moving God and we are so in awe of what he has done!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MY God is A Mountain Destoyer!

May 11,2011
All I can say is WOW! When my God wants a mountain out of the way he moves it. Today we found out that we were given a large donation to our FSP account at Reeces Rainbow and we now have all we need to bring our girls home! I said it was just another mountain to our God and he was going to move it. I had no idea he was going to totally destroy it! We are shouting his praises over here. Words cannot describe what we are feeling. But we do know that we are so blessed and our girls will soon be home with their family. Thank You Jesus!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God's Word Speaks

May 10, 2011
Some scriptures that I have seen today that speak to me today as we wait to see how the Lord will make this all happen. We are continuing to believe in the promise he gave us back in June. We want to see it now but it is all in the Lord's timing:
"Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for him to act." Ps. 37:7.
The next one reminds me that we are not alone in this journey. He will never leave us no matter what we are going through:
"When you go through deep waters I will be with you. When you go through the rivers of difficulty you will not drown., When you walk through the fires of oppression you wll not be burned up; the flames will not consume you." Isaiah 43:2.
And again words of encouragement:
"This is my command, be strong andf courageous. Do nt be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9
Thank you for your word. Your word does not lie. I am claiming each of these as we prepare to go get our girls in less than 2 weeks! I will keep my eyes on you and keep taking in your word to fill me up and get me through.

Jamie Slocum - Just Another Mountain


May 10,2011
The Lord is a Mountain Mover--or a Mountain Chipper! He is slowly chipping away at that mountain in our way, called Money! With Tim and I having to make 2 trips costing us an additional $3000 or so we were still $9000 short. Well today I saw $250 more dollars was added to our FSP account at Reeces Rainbow-thank you sweet person whoever you are and I have found a place to stay in K+++ for the last 4 days of our first trip for free! that will save us another $220. So we are getting there. Thank you Jesus! Also on Sunday we received a $1000 donation and a $50 donation. God you are so good! I so wish I could figure out how to put a song from youtube on the blog. It is called "Just Another Mountain". If anyone knows how please help me. I just love this song. Well just had to sing the praises of what our Lord is doing. I will continue to update as we get closer. Our flights are booked and we are set to leave on May 23 for our appt with the SDA on May 26th! We will be seeing our girls very soon!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


May 7,2011
I have had a cold wet day. Our car wash was today. The day started with a little sunshine and was in the 6o's. By the time we started the car wash it began to get windy and temp dropped all day. It became very overcast but we persisted. Signs were held and a few cars came through. We worked until 2:30. We had some very generous donors, thankfully because the cars were few. I guess people just didn't want to get their cars washed with the impending rain. We were all cold and wet and ready to quit. We made $130 dollars. Thank you to all who helped: Mallory, Jordan, Katie, Christina and the other youth from Pleasant Ridge. Every penny brings us closer to our girls. But I look at how far we still have to go. I put it all down on paper and we are very short. With Tim and I having to make 2 round trips : approx $6000 for those tickets alone we are still an additional $3000 short on top of that for a total of $9000. We are working so hard to make it happen. All I can do is turn it all over to God. I am believing Him for the rest. He is my mountain moving God. He can do it. Just today i saw on someone's blog that they received an anonymous donation to their Reeces Rainbow FSP fund for $5000. It can happen! We leave in a little over 2 weeks. I am very tired and now need to get the girls room ready and the house in order for when we leave. I need to make meals, pack and organize. It is suddenly upon us and I am trying not to worry. We are still trying to organize childcare as well. I could freak out and throw up my hands but instead I am turning it over to the only one who can get us through this. I am knocking on the door and asking: Lord you are our provider. You have called us to these girls and we have followed faithfully. We know you have it all under control and you have a plan. I am trusting and believing. I have seen what you can do and believing what you will do. Whether it be an anonymous donor or some other means for the funds to come in I know it will happen. Thank You Jesus!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Preparations and praises

May 6,2011
Making flight resservations. Looks like we will leave on May 23 and have our SDA appt May 26. We should begin visiting the girls on May 27th. We will continue to visit and do paperwork for court through May 31. Our plan is to return on June 1st so we are home in time for graduation on June 3rd. We will stay home for a week or so and fly back for court which could be as early as June 16 or as late as the 23rd. Tim will be able to leave immediately after court and I will remain through the 10 day wait and then begin the process to bring them home.Could be home around July 1 or as late as July 8. The car wash is tomorrow and it looks like the weather will cooperate! Praying for a good turnout. Thank you to the youth of Pleasant Ridge for the help tomorrow! Praising also for the $300 that went into our FSP fund today. Thank you to all who have given. We may do another car wash on May 21st too.We are getting there! Our Lord is so amazing. The childcare will come together too.
Another praise today is that we received word that our precious Gideon who is physically handicapped will get his wheelchair! We found out today that it is approved and fully paid for and he should have it in about 2 weeks. Now to find a 12 passenger van with a wheelchair lift! Just another mountain! It's nothing for our God! Praising our Lord!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SDA appointment!

May 4, 2011

We received word of our SDA appointment today! Our appointment is May 26, 2011 and we should be leaving on May 23rd. That is just a few weeks away. While we are very excited we still have many mountains to get over or moved our of our way. And though I shouldn't be I have been doing some worrying about them. I am trying to let go and believe. The funny thing is I am in the midst of the Beth Moore Bible study "Believing God". And I know and believe everything I am hearing: 1. God is who he says he is. 2. God can do what he says he can do. 3. I am who God says I am. 4. I can do all things through Christ and 5. God's word is alive and active in me. I'm believing God! God promised back in June that if we would follow him he would provide just what we needed. He has not let us down yet. He can still take care of everything. Our mountains remain -finances: We are still very short at least $6000. Tim and I will go to eastern europe and go to our SDA appt. Do paperwork and visit our girls but then we need to return home for our son's high school graduation on June 3rd, prior to our court date. Then we both fly back to eastern europe a few days later. This is 2 round trip tickets we had not planned on. 2nd our child care that was all planned for by a college student living with us and promised to be here all summer now has taken a summer internship and won't be here as of May 17th-leaving us in quite a spot. We know these are things that can be worked out-they are not bigger than our God, so I AM BELIEVING! I have said that the Lord can move any mountain and on Saturday I was reading someone's blog and they had put a video on there called "Just Another Mountain". It was just what I needed to remind me that no mountain is too big for our God. Then in church on Sunday the choir sang a song called "Our God is a Mountain Mover". I know this without a doubt. I have seen evidence of this in all of my previous adoptions and this will not be any different. So my Mountain Moving God is just waiting for the right moment to move these mountains! I just can't wait to see how he does it. We do still have a car wash planned and possibly a Zumba fundraiser. I will see what else the Lord reveals to us to do. We will continue to pray for the right child care while we are gone and pray for the finances. I will be praying without ceasing and I will be believing and thanking our Lord in advance for what he will be doing. Please join me in praying-because where 2 or more are gathered....well we know what can happen. Our bible study group prayed last night that we would get dates early enough in May to be able to return for the graduation and that was answered-so I am believing he will provide the way for this to happen! Anyone that feels called to give can click on the chip in or go to Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped to get us where we are. My dear friends, I love you and thank you so much especially Dianne, Cindy, and Terrie. Without these angels I know we would not be booking flights now to go get our precious girls. I will add a couple pics of our sweet girls who have spent far too long without a mama and daddy. We need to bring these precious girls home!

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