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"The word of the Lord is right and true,

He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Saturday, May 7, 2011


May 7,2011
I have had a cold wet day. Our car wash was today. The day started with a little sunshine and was in the 6o's. By the time we started the car wash it began to get windy and temp dropped all day. It became very overcast but we persisted. Signs were held and a few cars came through. We worked until 2:30. We had some very generous donors, thankfully because the cars were few. I guess people just didn't want to get their cars washed with the impending rain. We were all cold and wet and ready to quit. We made $130 dollars. Thank you to all who helped: Mallory, Jordan, Katie, Christina and the other youth from Pleasant Ridge. Every penny brings us closer to our girls. But I look at how far we still have to go. I put it all down on paper and we are very short. With Tim and I having to make 2 round trips : approx $6000 for those tickets alone we are still an additional $3000 short on top of that for a total of $9000. We are working so hard to make it happen. All I can do is turn it all over to God. I am believing Him for the rest. He is my mountain moving God. He can do it. Just today i saw on someone's blog that they received an anonymous donation to their Reeces Rainbow FSP fund for $5000. It can happen! We leave in a little over 2 weeks. I am very tired and now need to get the girls room ready and the house in order for when we leave. I need to make meals, pack and organize. It is suddenly upon us and I am trying not to worry. We are still trying to organize childcare as well. I could freak out and throw up my hands but instead I am turning it over to the only one who can get us through this. I am knocking on the door and asking: Lord you are our provider. You have called us to these girls and we have followed faithfully. We know you have it all under control and you have a plan. I am trusting and believing. I have seen what you can do and believing what you will do. Whether it be an anonymous donor or some other means for the funds to come in I know it will happen. Thank You Jesus!

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