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Monday, May 30, 2011

What a Day with the Girls!

May 30, 2011
Oh my goodness, what a day we have had. We were able to spend about an hour with the girls in a playroom this morning. It was very warm in there and the girls were very active. There were toys all over this room and they didn't know what to grab first. Victoria and Tim played with a game at first and Miranda pulled me around and sat on me, grabbed my glasses, hit me a few times and stole my shoes. We gave them toy phones which they liked a lot. When they saw the real camera well let's just say Victoria got her hands on it and took about 20 pictures. When we left there we felt like we had just been through a wrestling match. We spent some time talking with the orphanage doctor and the teacher and learned a lot about the girls. A lot of it we observed ourselves already. Victoria is the smarter one, has a larger vocabulary and she is a leader. She likes to organize games with the other girls and has a great imagination. She is much calmer and follows direction better. Miranda well she is not as far as Victoria. She is just started talking, mostly short phrases or single words. She is a little aggressive and bossy at times. She does not tend to play with the other children. She likes one on one attention or plays alone. I have added some of the pictures from the morning visit and I will post some more. Later I will tell you about our afternoon visit.

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