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He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Delayed !

May 24,2011
Yesterday was not quite the day we had expected. We were supposed to leave Cincinnati at 3:35 pm for Chicago. Well after many delays due to storms, being evacuated due to a tornado and finally going home around 9pm we were still in Cincinnati. We went home to put our kids to bed and were reschedule for today. So here I sit now in Chicago waiting for our flight to Dusseldorf which doesn't leave until after 4pm and it is only 11:46 Chicago time. We will go from Dusseldorf to k+++ . We should arrive there at 2:50 pm on 5/25. We have our SDA appt on 5/26 and hopefully meet the girls on Fri 5/27. Please continue to pray for our travels and that our trip goes without incident. Pray for all of our paperwork to be good and again pray for our girls. We can't wait to get our hands around them. Also pray for all our kids at home. It was very hard on Gideon this morning to say good-bye again. We know the Lord is going before us and he will do what he says he will do! He will bring our girls home.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your delay Jackie, but grateful you weren't caught in the tornadoes. we were stuck in Ko**ls during a recent tornado. Kind of scary.
    Praying for smooth flying the rest of the way and your kids at home. UGG Only four more days until that sad departure here. Yet excited we are finally going.



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