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He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mama c'mere, Papa C'mere

May 30,2011
The afternoon visit the girls were very excited to see us back. They always greet us very happily and kind of curtsy and say their names. They are so cute. Victoria went right to papa and Miranda went right to mama. Victoria pointed to papa and said "my mama" and pointed to mama and said "Marinka's mama". Marinka is Victoria's nickname for Miranda. They pulled us both up by the hands and said C'mere Mama and C'mere papa. Off we went hand in hand with our girls outside. We went to a kind of gazebo to play. We got the bubbles out and they loved them but once they got their hands on them they dumped them pretty quickly. Need to get the spillless kind of bubbles. We got out balls and kicked them around for a while But they never stopped for very long. They went in for a snack and we went for a drink. When we came back they were just coming outside and they ran to us yelling "mama, Papa". We played for another hour in the back area. They ran around yelling c'mere mama, cmere papa. We did not sit down very much. We got many hugs and kisses. Marina loves to be loved on more than Victoria but when Victoria sees Marina getting loving she wants loving too. They bot kissed us goodbye before we left. We promised to be back tomorrow. We went back to the apartment on the Metro-quite a long ride. We ate at the Italian place again. It was pretty good. We picked up laundry detergent and spent the evening doing laundry. We have an early morning to do paperwork then back to the orphanage.

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