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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Amazing Race!

March 24, 2011

The past couple of days have been like running in the Amazing Race. We received our I-171H and have been in a flurry of getting papers certified and then Secretary of State Certified. We live in Northern Ky and it is a 2 hr drive to Frankfort to get this done. So Wednesday after getting some of the papers certified at our county court house we drove to Danville to get a notarized / certified copy of our homestudy agency's license and employment letter for our social worker. En route to there we found out through our adoption agency that one of my documents had issues and would have to be redone. We couldn't turn around at that point so we went on to Frankfort and got 22 documents sealed and headed home. The next day I worked from 5-8:30 am and it was oom off to get that one piece of paper done---the proof of home ownership paper. Who knew one piece of paper could cause so much turmoil. The first time a county clerk had filled it out but didn't put it on letter head. when we went back to have it redone we found out we actually needed to have it done at the Property Value Assessors office but he refused to do it without a letter from our agency stating why we needed it done and it needed to be on our agency letterhead. Unfortunately my agency rep was in Iowa and it was only 8am out there. I got her on the phone and she called the assessor who finally agreed to do our paper if she promised to fax the letter later in the day! Finally letter notarized and certified and we could head back down to Frankfort for the secretary of state seals. Got this done and everyone from the guard to the lady in the office remembered us from the day before. It was done lickety split and we headed by to Northern Ky. Arrived home at 3pm and made it to my conference at school at 3:30 for my daughter. I ran to make a copy of the dossier at 5pm and had it to the fedex office by 7pm to send it off to EE. Our dossier is on it's way! Praising the Lord! I can do all things through Christ! Now we just need to get through my daughters wedding and get on with more fundraising! We will be getting our girls home soon!

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