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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Blog Design and Still Waiting

March 9, 2011
How do you like our new Blog design. Isn't beautiful? Thanks so much to Lu for all her wonderful work. We now have Chip in and Buttons you can click on to donate to our girls to bring them home. I think you can also add our buttons to your blogs. Any amount will help so much. As our Chip In shows we are still in need of about $8000. That does not include what we expect to make in our upcoming fundraisers. We are planning a Skyline Chili night, a garage sale, a carwash and finally a big 50's 60's dance on April 15th-We will have jitter bug contests, twists contests, slow dance and limbo contests. We are having an icecream soda bar, chili cookoff and more. We are also having a big raffle of a 32" flat screen TV. So with what we expect to make from these we will still need about $8000. We know God is in control so we are not worried. He has called us to something very important and we know he will provide a way for our girls to come home. I know I still owe the story of how we were led to Miranda and I will post that next. We are still waiting for USCIS approval. We received the preapproval letter over a week ago so expect the I171H any day!


  1. Praying for things to keep moving Jackie!! LOVE the new blog pretties too!!

  2. Prayed for your family and your little ones!

  3. Just prayed for you that He will bless your fundraising efforts so you can take the girls home and give Him all the glory :)



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