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Monday, April 4, 2011

More Documents Requested

April 4, 2011

Ok so our documents arrived and were delivered quickly but then the dreaded: We need more information requiring more documents to be filled out, notarized, certified and apostilled. So this meant another trip to Frankfort-2 hrs away. So last Wednesday I filled out all the paperwork and got it notarized, got up early on Thurs and took the kids to a friends, headed to the county court house and got them all certified and then headed to Danville Ky to get a new copy of our homestudy with some rewording, then got it certified and headed to Frankfort for the apostilles. From there drove almost 2 hours to the fedex from there and sent these new documents off to our childrens' country. I have been tracking it of course and it should arrive tomorrow in their country. Praying all will be sufficient once again. In the mean time we celebrated our daughter's wedding this weekend and watched her go off with her new husband. It was a beautiful and perfect ceremony. I will post the only pic I have from it so far. It is Danielle and her friend. I must say she is beautiful! We will work in earnest now to continue to fundraise for the remaining funds that we need. Again: car wash, Apr 9, 50's 60's dance April 15th and garage sale April 16th. It will be a busy month. Again thank you to all who have donated we really do appreciate it all the help to get our precious girls home!

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