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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting and praying!

Feb 1, 2011
We continue to wait-wait for new pictures of our girl, any word on how she is doing. I have asked and asked for an update and though our agency has asked for an update we continue to wait. I just want to see how she is changing and most of all that she is ok. It is so hard to be here and know she may sick or cold or not being loved. We received our fingerpring appointments-Feb 15th. We are going to try to go this week and see if they will take us. We'll see. Then we wait for approval. Once we have that our dossier gets ready to go to Eastern Europe. We could be looking at travel in April. That all sounds wonderful but we are still very short on the money needed to complete everything to get our girl home. Please pray and fast with me tomorrow as we pray for the funding we need to do this. We know the Lord has a plan and we can't wait to see how he works it out. We have some more fundraisers planned but we need a large amount still. We are estimating 3-4thousand for airfair and living expenses and then the large facilitator fee of almost $9000 and then the added expenses for visa, medicals etc. Please pray for this mountain to be chipped away. Pray for successful fundraising ideas and successful fundraisers. Pray for our girl to be safe and remain healthy. Pray that her heart is prepared to love and accept us. Pray for our paperwork to be done correctly. Also if anyone would like to donate to this cause you can go to Our girl is called Emily on the reeces rainbow site. Thank you for your prayers. As soon as I get new pictures of Emily (Anya) I will post them. It is all in God's hands and I trust and believe in his promise to bring our girl home!

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