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"The word of the Lord is right and true,

He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where You Go I'll Go!

February 9, 2010
Can you say Where you go I'll go, I will follow? That's what we are doing. We will go wherever the Lord calls us. He is taking us on an amazing journey. We can't wait to see what all he has in store for us. We know the blessings will be amazing. Does it seem he is calling us to more than we are equipped for? Yes oh yes it does. But God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called. So we are trusting Him. We know he will equip us for whatever he calls us to do. We just have to have faith enough to take that step and that is what we are doing. We are so excited and so blessed to be called to do his work. There will be more to our amazing journey so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi, my names Alysha & I do the 'As One' posts on both my personal blog (www.asonewecan.blogspot) & on the RR blog (www.reecesrainbow.blogspot). I would love to feature your family this coming Monday. I want to clarify something with you guys first.... On your FSP page it shows your family as adopting both Anya & blog doesn't reflect that though. I know sometimes families make a personal choice about who they are going to adopt, but don't always let the cat out of the bag on their blog about it, so to speak. If this is the case could you let me know :) If you have made this choice & would like it to be kept a secret & not reflected on you FSP could you let me know that too..that way I can pass the word onto Andrea to change it. No matter what...your post above says it all. We are to follow his lead, be it for one, two or more :D My prayers are that by featuring your family you'll be given more finacial support by other RR families donated directly to your FSP. If your not familiar with my posts please feel free to stop by my blog or the RR blog. I hope to hear from you soon & will be praying for you all :) So excited for you all! Blessings, Lysha (



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