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He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Power of 3

June 16,2011 I was feeling kind of down this morning as we still don't have a date to go back and get our girls who may have forgotten who we are by now. I was reading my daily devotion on line today and it was about Paul. All throughout the book of acts there were 3 main elements in his life. No matter what the situation, or what he was going through at the time he prayed. This was #1. He always talked to the Lord or cried out to him. He never lost hope. He knew his God was in control and would never let him down. #2 was the Holy Spirit. After prayer the Holy Spirit would show up, sometimes in a big way sometimes in a little way but He would always show up. #3 He would tell others-He preached God's word to others. He never tired of telling others about his God! So sometimes God puts you or allows you to be put in a spot where there is nothing in your humanness that you can do about the situation. What should you do? PRAY! and PRAY! again. Cry out to HIM! He will hear you. Wait for Him and the Holy Spirit will show up in a big way. Then shout from the mountain tops what the Lord has done. I have been placed in situations lately where there is nothing I can do but pray. Maybe I haven't seen all the results of the Holy Spirit yet but I have felt comfort. Comfort in His presence as He holds me throughout the situation. Comfort in knowing He is in control! My human impatience wants a resolution now but I know His timing is perfect! I am trusting and believing Him. So in the meantime I get on my face and I cry out to my Lord! Lord thank you for assigning a judge to our case. I know you have a plan. I am asking you to please give us a quick date to get our girls home as soon as possible. Please let all the timing be perfect for childcare, our jobs, and getting the girls home. Please prepare their hearts for their new family. Please let them remember us and let them transition back into our lives without problems. Also Lord let there be enough money to cover all the expenses especially air fare. Let the delay give us better prices on the airfare. Oh Lord give me a peace and comfort during this wait. Give me the strenght to shout your praises through this wait.

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