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"The word of the Lord is right and true,

He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


June 22,2011
What a whilrwind the last few days have been. We have had a very difficult time getting a court date and I can't go into all the reasons on our blog because they are kind of sensitive and political. But we finally have a date--after our facilitator has tried many times he was finally successful today but there is some problems with some of our paperwork so we have to start working on that. We have 2 court hearings for some reason. We have a preliminary hearing on July 6th and hopefully a final hearing on July 8th. We will need to be working on the paperwork on July 4th. Please pray we get all the paperwork done to the judge's satisfaction, and that the court hearings go well. We will keep you posted on everything. Please pray for good prices on the flights and good prices on our apartment since we will probably be there longer than we had planned. Pray for our girls-their health, safety and that their hearts are ready to accept us back as their parents and that they transition easily into our family. Pray for our kids we are leaving here again that we are able to line up adequate help to care for them while we are gone. Again we know that this is all in God's hands and we are trusting him to carry us through.

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