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He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Friday, July 15, 2011

Back in Kiev

July 15,2011
I am back here in Kiev after a very long 8 hour train ride in a very hot, unairconditioned train. I have showered and am settling in to my new apartment. I will post more tomorrow after I have seen the girls. I will also tell you a little about my trip to Lutsk with Irinna. I had a great time but I just want to finish everything up and get home. I miss my kids so bad! Less than 2 weeks to go hopefully. I am trusting Jesus to get me through these next couple of weeks and get me home to my completed family! Dianne arrives on Tuesday! Looking forward to that. I am praising my Lord and Savior tonight and listening to K-love on the computer! Have a blessed Friday everyone!

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  1. Your getting close!


    Brooke Annessa



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