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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Are Here!

Tuesday July 5,2011\
We arrived safely yesterday afternoon and were greeted at the airport by Inna and Anatoly with hugs and kisses from both. We made it to our apartment. This place is much bigger than our last one. There is a separate bedroom, larger kitchen and living room. But there is no internet yet. The owner is supposed to bring us internet hookup today but has not come yet. So I am at an internet cafe posting this. Yesterday was just settling in and walking around a little Today we had paperwork to do in the morning and then it was off to the orphanage. We arrived and spoke with the lawyer there who will be at court with us on Wednesday. Then we were told that Vika was not there as she had been taken to a summer camp. This was not supposed to be allowed since she is being adopted but the director of the orphanage was not there and the others said they did not know. Anyway she will not be back until the 17th or 18th. We were not happy about this but it is not worth going into now. We did get to visit with Marina. She was very happy to see us and was just adorable. She still seems more taken with me than with Tim. We were able to play for about an hour. She even sang and danced for us. I did get it on vide and will try to share once we get internet hooked up in the apartment. She loves to lay on my lap or be held and hugged on. She is still very active and doesn't sit still for long. She did play with one toy for a while--the \noah's ark. It made animal sounds and played music and songs and she really liked this. She remembered the toy telephones from last time and asked for them. I gave her one and she played with this but mostly held on to this. We read books together too. We had a very nice visit and once again it was hard to leave her there. We will go back in the morning and then have lunch and our court hearing is at 2pm our time. It will be 7am at home. Please set your alarms and pray that the judge will have a softened heart and give us a positive decision tomorrow. Pray that I say the right things to make him understand that we love these girls and can offer them so much more in the US. Pray that the Lord guides me and directs me in what to say and that the judge has opened ears and a softened heart. God willing we could have a decision tomorrow and not have to go back on Friday.
We are very happy to be back here where our girls are but miss the kids at home so much. Please everyone pray for them as well-for their health and safety and for my mom's health and safety as well Anyone that has time to spend time with them please stop in, I'm sure the kids and mom would appreciate any help.
I would love to post pictures but that will have to wait until we have internet in the apartment. Oh and they did cut Marina's hair as I thought they would but she is still precious. I can feel God's hands wrapped around us here and I know he will not leave us. He is my protector and I know he will be with us tomorrow. Please all who are reading be with us in spirit at 7am.

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