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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Day of Disappointments

July 27th 2011

Today I awoke to an email from our travel agent stating that there was a problem with Dianne's ticket. He said that when he went to confirm our reservations he noticed that Dianne's ticket reservation had been cancelled by United Airlines for no apparent reason. When he tried to rebook it the flight was full and he couldn't get her on. The only options were for her to fly out on another flight alone and me to stay on Saturday and fly alone with the girls or to reschedule all of us together for next Tuesday. Well, waiting to leave next Tuesday just was not an option. Number 1 if I had to change my tickets again for Tuesday it would cost me anothe $175 to change my ticket (though they said they wouldn't charge to change the girls' tickets), there would be 3 extra nights of apartment costs and then food and whatever else I may spend for transportation etc. Also I am scheduled to work on Monday, Tim is going crazy and the kids miss me like mad so really Tuesday was the last option. I will see Dianne off at 4am here-her flight leaves at 6:07 then tomorrow I have my Embassy appointment at 9:30, we go pick up the passports then pick up the girls and take them for their physicals. We will take them back to the orphanage tonight. Tomorrow morning we pick up their visas and we will pick up the girls for the last time on Friday afternoon-they will walk through those big gates for the last time and walk toward a new life. They will walk away from the only home they can remember and walk into a loving family. It is all so bittersweet. I have been here for nearly 1 month and I have grown to love this country in so many ways. I have made some dear friends and have adapted to a whole different lifestyle and culture. It will be very difficult saying goodbye to all of this though I am so ready to go home and hug all those I have missed so much. My emotions are very raw right now. Only by the strength of the Lord will I get through these next few days. Please be in prayer for Dianne as she travels home tomorrow and be in prayer for me over the next few days and especially as I travel home with the girls on Saturday. I know the Lord is with me and he will never leave me or forsake me. I will be home on Saturday night! God is Good.

(no new pics today, I didn't get to spend any time with the girls today-spent most of the day trying to resolve the ticket issue, signing the final papers at the orphanage and getting my paperwork ready for the appointment tomorrow and getting Tim's paperwork from him through email--it has been an extremely stressful day!)


  1. Jackie , May the Lord wrap is loving arms around you in your raw state knowing how incredibly cared for you are.Praying for the Lords strength to see you through the journey home and a new adjustments when you all get home.

  2. Just praying to see you all HOME and SOON!


  3. I love how much you have come to love the country you have been a guest in for the past month. It is heartwarming to read how much you have embraced this time to get to know the girls homeland while the rest of us have followed along.

    Praying that both trips for you/the girls and Diane go smoothly.


  4. Praying for this last little bit that you have to get through. I'll be praying for your trip home too.



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