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He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Monday, July 25, 2011

More running around

Irina teeter tottering with one of the other orphans

Sweet Vika

mischievous Marina

Dianne doing stickers with Vika while Marina amuses herself

oh that sweet angelic face

July 25,2011

We started the day off by visiting with the girls. They were in rare form again today. Marina was as active and as happy as ever as long as I was spending time with her but when I give attention to Vika she acts out to get attention. At one point she picked up Dianne's bag and threw it and laughed and ran away. I yelled at her and Irina told her in Ukranian to apologize and ask for forgiveness. She went to Dianne and bowed in front of her and hugged her then came to me and did the same and the same to Irina but then she took Dianne by the arm and pulled her up to the wall and pushed her to turn her to face the wall and pulled her arms up-she now wanted to punish Dianne by making her stand against the wall. Irina again scolded her in ukranian and once again Marina apologized but just not so sure how sincere she was. I did spend some quality time with Vika singing songs. She now loves Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes too. We looked at pictures on the camera of Papa and she kissed him on the camera and waved to him. She misses him so.

After our visit we headed to lunch and had coffee and walked around a mall and sat and people watched while we waited for Anatoly to call. The plan was to go pick up the ID numbers and then pick up the girls and go get their passport pictures taken --well that was the plan but you know how the saying goes about best layed plans. It took too long to get the ID numbers to apply for the passports today but they did say as long as we arrived early tomorrow morning that the passports would be ready Thursday afternoon--. So now we needed to contact the embassy to see if they were open on Friday and if so can we do everything we need to do on Thursday before getting the passports. I called the embassy and got the recording and left a message. We then decided to go there directly and for me to go in and talk to them so that's what we did. I talked to a very nice person in the adoption department at the embassy who did inform me that they were indeed closed this Friday but we could come early Thursday for our appointment and have the girls medical exams and then bring the passports in when we get them later in the day. The Visas will not be ready until Friday and they will come in Friday morning to issue the visas to us! We can leave on Saturday! Now flights have been scheduled and we will be home Saturday evening around 6pm! I just can't wait to unite my family together and hug them all! praising the Lord for his Goodness.


  1. Oh my close to home!

    Praying for peace durring thee last few days of waiting!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. It must be so nice to know that you're almost done! The girls are precious. It's nice that you've had this time with them. It will be so great for you to finally get them home and include them in with the rest of the family.



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