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He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Worship, Cruising, Time with the Girls and Skyping with Family

July 24, 2011
We started our day by Worshiping at Hillsong Kiev Church. Irina came with us to interpret for us. We were so excited to have her there with us. Dianne and I took a cab and Irina met us there. Well we started with worship music which is always in English and Russian on the screen so we are able to sing along and worship. It was absolutely wonderful to be in church praising the Lord. When the speaking started Irina interpreted for us but then they introduced the guest pastor named Kyle somebody from "the USA". He spoke English it was great and he was awesome. He preached in English and someone interpreted in Russian for everyone else there. Anyway he talked about Esther being called for "such a time as this" and how we have to be like Esther and not miss the "Now" moment. When you are called to do something or you have the opportunity to tell someone about Jesus don't miss it or you and everyone involved will miss the blessing. Well Esther was the study we were doing when I was in the paperwork process and facing a lot of negativity from some people but I knew that I was being called for such a time as this and here I am in Kiev Ukraine for such a time as this. To bring my daughters home to a better life, where they will know the love of a family and the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have already been blessed immensely and oh how these girls are going to be a blessing to everyone they meet. I am so thankful I have been obedient to his calling, that I didnt miss out on the now moment. He never said it would be an easy journey but then it usually isn't. But if we trust in his promises he is faithful to fullfill them.

Ok anyway after worship we went on a one hour riverboat cruise. It was a beautiful day, high only in the high 70's low 80's and breezy. It was quiet and enjoyable. We then did a cable car ride up th hill and had lunch then it was off to play with the girls. We had another great visit. They were so funny. We played with plastic dishes, kicked the beach ball and again sang songs and did hand motions. We had Vika touching her nose with her tongue-she has the longest tongue. Marina tried but she didn't quite do it. We were laughing so hard. Soon it was time to go. They helped clean up their mess and they wanted to be carried. But let me tell you they are not light. Vika is very heavy. Anyway we said our goodbyes and Marina instructed us to be sure to come back tomorrow and we promised we would.

Tomorrow we are going to play with them in the morning then get something to eat and go back to take them for a car ride to the passport place for pictures and to apply. We will know Monday when the passports will be ready and therefore be able to determine when we can come home. We know it won't be Wednesday and will have to change our return tickets but not sure if it will be Saturday or the following Tuesday. Too hard to explain right now. But just pray it is sooner rather than later. Skyped with the kids and tim today and all the kids seem so sad. They miss me so much and I miss them. I just want to get this finished and get my girls home to join our family. I want to cuddle up with all of my babies and just hold them all day long! Pray we are home quickly please. We serve an amazing awesome God and I am trusting in his perfect timing.

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  1. Oh, that is amazing! God really worked that worship time out to bless you, didn't He? I've been following your blog the last week or so and love seeing your beautiful little ones! Sounds like you are having such a lovely bonding time together!

    Rachelle (adopting Gideon/Eddie in 54)



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