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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Court Hearing/Many emotions

July 6,2011

Today had so many emotions. I woke up feeling a little anxious about the court hearing that was to take place today. But I knew that Our God would be with us through it all. He had given me peace last night and reassured me that this was all in his hands and" not to be afraid for I am with you. I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west". He said ...I have revealed and saved and proclaimed-I and not some foreign god among you. you are my witnesses declares the lord, "that I am God. Yes and from ancient days I am he. No one can deliver out of my hand, When I act, who can reverse it?" I knew He would give the final decree in the end and no judge could change that. Anyway we spent the morning with our precious Marina. She is so full of joy. She played, sang and danced. We read books and blew bubbles. We received many kisses and hugs. When we left oh the precious hugs and kisses she gave me and did not want to let go. But go we did-off to lunch and then to court. It stormed quite a bit today and was cold out. But anyway a little before 2 we got in line to enter the court house. After having our passports checked we were allowed in. present in court were Tim and I, our facilitator Anatoly and our interpreter Irinna. There was a representative from the State Dept of Adopiton (SDA), the orphanage representative (their lawyer) and the prosecutor. Then there were 2 jurors, the secretary and the judge. We were questioned for hours. The court room was very stuffy/hot, we were nervous to say the least. The judge was very stern and had many questions. I had to tell who we were, about our family, my job, why we wanted to adopt these girls and what we could offer them. Tim was also questioned. After hours of being in the court room we were tired, hot, hungry and had to go to the bathroom. Tim was very nervous and was having a hard time answering the questions. the interpreter was interpreting all we said to the judge. Tim finally said "I'm so nervous, please apologize, I am shaking all over I 'm sorry. With that the interpreter began to laugh and try to interpret to the judge, the more Tim tried to talk and she tried to interpret the harder she laughed and she even snorted out loud. I was trying to encourage Tim but when she snorted I too began to laugh, the others present were also trying not to laugh. The judge did not find it funny and told Irinna to compose herself or leave the courtroom to compose herself. Well we all pulled it together and finished. Tim had to tell what the girls names were and what we were changing them to and he couldn't think. I finally had to tell him and he repeated it. The judge did not like this. anyway about 5:30 the judge said we will break until Friday at 11am and continue then. So no decision and a little silliness and a lot of tension. After court we were all very worried and nervous but couldnt help but laugh some more about what happened in court. Tim and I and Irinna laughed off and on all the way home. We were just so slap happy! Anyway it is still in God's hands. I know he is with us and all those in court supported us, except maybe the judge was still not convinced. So we go back on Friday. I know that God can soften the judge's heart and give us a positive decision. I know God wants our girls home with us and not here in an orphanage for the rest of their lives. God says: I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland". He is making a way, I know and I believe my God! It was a day of delight with our girl this morning, fear and tension in the court room and then silliness and more fear. Tonight I am feeling peace. My God is a mountain moving God and I know he is making a way!

Our precious girl who is so worth the fight!

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  1. Praging earnestly for God to move on the Judge's heart & that he will grant your petition on Friday!



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