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He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pics of Morning with the Girls

July 23, 2011

We had an enjoyable morning with the girls. It was a beautiful cool morning and the girls were just precious. We sang and danced with the girls and they loved it. They just love singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and doing the hand motions. We played and played with the beach ball and had so much fun. Dianne is a real sport and hangs in there with us. Marina was particularly silly today. She loves to kick the ball hard and laughs so hard if it hits someone or hits herself. She giggled and giggled all day. Vika is more quiet and enjoys playing quietly with the bubbles or the sticker books. Marina will be the bigger challenge on the plane. Do you think they will mind if we kick the beach ball to each other in the aisles or sing Twinkle Twinkle Little star and do the motions. We'll have to think of something. Anyway after our visit with the girls we had a vacation day. Dianne, Irina and myself had a great lunch and went sightseeing. We visited a beautiful church which Irina attends and then walked in a beautiful park where we saw so many brides and grooms having photos taken. We walked and walked and saw the summer home the Queen of Russia had built but never lived to move into it. We saw the view over the river and walked across a very scary bridge-for me-Dianne and Irina didn't think so. We soon headed home and stayed put. We relaxed, did some ironing and did some wash and just took it easy watching some tv. Enjoy the pictures. Tomorrow is Worship at Hillsong Church and a riverboat cruise-only costs $5. We will visit with the girls later tomorrow around 4pm. They will wonder where we are in the morning. Looking forward to tomorrow. Feeling Blessed to be here with my girls but missing my treasures at home so very much!

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