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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Very Long Day But Finally The Girls Are Together Again!

July 18,2011
Well after a night of virtually no sleep fighting the mosquitos I got ready to go. I met Irina for cappucinos and then we walked up to the SDA to meet Tola. We drove to the court house to see if the court decree was ready because today was day 10 of the 10 day wait. But as things have been going the judge said he hadn't had time to get it ready yet and to come back tomorrow to get it. So we headed to the orphanage and visited with Marina for a while-she is as sweet as ever. The plan was to take little Yve to the summer camp in exchange for Vika so we headed off with Tola, Irina, the orphanage lawyer Yve and myself for the 1 1/2 hour drive to the summer camp. Yve is a precious little girl also with Down Syndrome. We had actually considered her when we were reviewing files after they told us about Anya. She is high functioning like Vika but a little younger. Anyway when they told her she was going she ran out and saw me waiting with Irina and she got all excited and yelled "my mama, my mama". She ran to me and jumped into my arms hugging and kissing me. Irina explained to her that she was going to camp and we would try to find her a mama of her own soon. So very very sad. She wants a mama so badly. Maybe one of you could be her mama. She is so precious. Unfortuately I forgot my camera today so I don't have a picture of her but I think she is listed with About a Child. Once at the summer camp Vika saw us and came running. She was excited and yelled "mama" but was actually looking for Tim. She loves her Papa. Irina explained it was just mama and she would see Papa soon. Once in the car we discovered that Vika is very afraid of the car. She clung to Irina and I for a while but soon settled down. She was very good. She talked on the "hello" and colored and looked at books. She loved her purse and jewelry. She said right away that she wanted to give one of her necklaces to Marina. This was without at suggestions from us. Once back at the orphanage another 1 1/2 hrs later she was very excited and gave all the caregivers big hugs and showed them all of her special things that mama had given her. They then brought out Marina and Vika and Marina ran into each others arms and hugged very excited and right away Vika gave Marina the necklace, so very sweet. They were given a snack and then we went outside. This was a challenge trying to keep up with both of them by myself. Irina helped but they both wanted my attention. Soon they had a cookie and shared a juice box so cute, taking turns as I instructed. Marina still loves to hug me and lay her head on me while she drinks/. I think she remembers being cuddled while taking a bottle or something. Very Very sweet, really. They blew bubbles and just ran and played. I was worn out by the end of our visit. We instructed them to clean up and get ready to see us out. They gave us a hug and kiss and said Paka Paka (good bye). As we were walking away Vika screamed "mama mama" and came running to me and clung to me crying mama mama with that Marina came running and she too cried "mama Mama". The caregivers came and took them and said I would be back in the morning. Marina instructed us to bring a snack and 2 juice boxes. We promised we would. Then Irina and I headed to the Metro. Next stop was to pick up a plug in mosquito repellent for the apartment. I then picked up so frozed raviolis for my supper and headed up the hill to my apartment. Talked with Tim on line and took a cold shower and now plan to relax with an episode of Grey's Anatomy on line. Please pray I can get some sleep tonight, pray we get the court decree tomorrow and can get their birth certificates so we can apply for passports on Wednesday. Pray for safe travel for Dianne-she arrives tomorrow at 1:15 Ukraine time. I can't wait. Sorry I forgot the camera today so I will post some old pics. Good night from Kiev!


  1. Praying! Thank you for taking the time to post, I know your a little bit busy!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. That is so sad about Yve wanting a mama. How hearbreaking that aren't enough mamas.

    It's so great that you're there to get Marina and Vika. I know it's a long, tiring, hot, itchy process. What a blessing that you got a new apt. with AC!

    Praying for you as you get through the next 10 days or so.



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