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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Need Prayers!

July 20,2011
Today was very difficult because the judge did not give us our court decree-he just couldn't get to it again! So Anatoly tried to convince him to get it done and he said he would have it tomorrow. But we wanted to be sure so I went in to see the judge with Irina translating. It was very intense. We waited in a hot hallway for over an hour with many other upset people waiting their turn to see the judge. He finally called us in and I expressed my concerns about why I needed the court decree, and all the things I need to get back to at home etc. Anyway he said, as I told your representative this morning that I will have it ready tomorrow. I asked him if he could assure me that it would be ready tomorrow at 9 and he said that I should show up myself at 9am and come in and sign for it myself. So that's what we are going to do. Now he has been saying since monday come back tomorrow. So please pray that he will really have it ready tomorrow for us. Then we can start the journey to obtain their birth certificates in 2 different districts, get their ID numbers, close their bank accounts and finally apply for their passports. The passports will not be ready for 5 days after we apply. Anyway everything depends on us getting the court decree because we can't do anything else until we have that. once we have passports we have our embassy appointment to apply for their visas and their physical exams. So we still have a lot to do. At this point we will be here until at least next Saturday the 30th. So again please pray the decree is done tomorrow.
We had a great visit with girls today. Dianne loved them immediately and hugs and kisses. Many of the other girls in the orphanage began to hang out with us today and soon we had a huge crowd of them. They played ball with us, puzzles and we gave them snacks. They wanted kisses and hugs from all of us. Now some of these girls are older and let's just say hygeine is not a priority so the smells were not really pleasant but boy did they have a great time. Irina and I said Dianne had caused the chaos today. Really we had a lot of fun but Marina and Vika did not appreciate all the other girls butting in on their time. We probably won't be able to visit tomorrow since we plan on running all over Kiev doing paperwork.
Well again we feel amazingly blessed here but need some extra prayers to get us through and home to our families. God Bless from Kiev, ukraine.


  1. Jackie, I'm so sorry you're having troubles with the judge. I'll be praying as soon as I end this comment since it's already the middle of the night for you. Hang in there you'll be boarding a plane before you know it and well ready to be reunited with your dear family.

  2. Praying the judge will loose sleep over this and get it done as soon as possible when he wakes up!

    Brooke Annessa

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