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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Me and the Girls, No Court Decree and Dianne is here!

July 19,2011
First I would just love to thank my couple of faithful readers who post comments, they mean so much to me in this faraway land. It is over 2 weeks now that I am here and I miss my husband and kids so much. I love the time I have here with my girls but just to be home with all of them seems so far off yet. So knowing there are friends out there praying for us and following along with us just helps to make me feel better-so thank you for your comments I love reading them.

Well today I met Irina and we headed to the orphanage. Tola called to say that the court decree was still not ready and he was going to take care of the citizenship papers while we were at the orphanage. So we stopped at the little store near the orphanage to buy the "2 juice boxes and a snack". We arrived and had to wait for the girls to be brought out. They came out very excited to see us. Irina had a phone call so I headed outside with the girls. We found our spot on the bench and I gave them their purses. They both immediately opened them to get out their necklaces and bracelets and sunglasses. We played for a while then they asked for their juice and snack. They enjoyed these as usual. I got out the punch ball balloons that Terrie gave me and Marina loved these. Vika not so much. Marina and I played with one of them for what seemed like an hour. Vika preferred to sit on the bench and blow bubbles and color. She is so

much calmer. After playing ball we had another juice box and then told them it was time to clean up. Neither one of the wanted to get ready to go back in but we needed to leave an head to the airport to get Dianne. Today Marina was very jealous of any time I spent with Vika but I tried to explain that mama loves them both. I had to carry Marina into the orphanage. Vika wanted to be carried too but did not want to help pick up the garbage and toys. She can be very stubborn but she finally gave in and helped. I gave them both kisses and hugs which they returned then in they went to lunch (it still smelled awful).

At this point I was very hot and sweaty so we headed to the store to get us a drink and a snack before heading to the airport. There was not going to be a court decree again today-the judge just hasn't had time to get it ready. Anyway I was excited to be at the airport when Dianne arrived. Out she came. She was very happy to see a familiar face. We got to the car and Anatoly needed to take me to the notary to sign more paperwork and then he took us to the apartment. He left and Dianne, myself and Irina headed out on foot to get something to eat, exchange money and go to the store. Well Dianne didn't know what she was in for. When you head out on foot it is a long walk. Poor thing she had a blister on her toe from all the walking and she was fading fast--It was over 90 degrees today and she was very tired. We ate at the Ukranian kitchen and shopped then headed up the hill=a very long steep hill in the 90 degree heat. I thought Dianne was going to have a heart attack but she plugged along. So we get to the apartment which is hot as blazes. She took a cold shower and talked for a while but she couldn't stay awake so off to bed she went before 8pm.
Anyway the plan is to pack up in the morning and have all our luggage downstairs by 10am and wait for Irina and the taxi. We then take everything to the apartment with air conditioning, yea! Then off to the orphanage for a quick visit and then Tola picks us up for the long day of getting the birth certificates for each girl in their birth cities-expecting another long hot day.

Please pray we get the court decree in the morning and are able to successfully get both birth certificates. Then on Thursday it is ID numbers and closing their bank accounts and Friday applying for passports. Pray it all goes smoothly. It not lookning good to be able to head home on the 27th. Irina thinks more like the 29th or 30th. It is all in God's hands=pray for his perfect timing.
It feels good to have a dear friend sleeping in the next room. Thank you Jesus!


  1. We only had to be in-country for 2wks., but that was hard enough. We remember the loneliness and isolation of being "stuck" in an apartment with our special needs son. Praying the time passes quickly. Your girls are beautiful! I am so happy for them and for you!

  2. Oh what sweeties with all their pretty little things! PRAYING for HIS timing and provisions...they are always perfect!

    Brooke Annessa



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