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Friday, July 22, 2011

Still Running!

Our laundry hanging on the deck for all to see!

A convent we visited

The picture I got in trouble for taking -no pics allowed!

Train terminal in Kiev

Irina and Dianne on the bus tour

July 22,2011

We're still running and running. Well today I had to leave the apartment with wrinkled clothes, bad hair doo and a wet bra. The apartment was supposed to have a hair dryer and an iron and when it didn't the owner promised to bring these items yesterday but she didn't. As far as the wet bra, well Dianne and I wrestled with the washing machine until 4am when we finally got to hang the clothes out to dry. So I didn't feel too well put together when we left. Today we got the birth certificates notarized then went to the officer to apply for their ID numbers. We then drove to the orphanage which took over an hour and got the girls. I only had a few minutes with them when Irina found me and said we needed to go close the girls accounts out. So Irina, myself, Anatoly and the orphanage lawyer headed to the "post office" to close their accounts. The money in the child's account is usually donated back to the orphanage because of the care they have given them. We got this all taken care of and Dianne stayed at the orphanage to play with the girls. She looked a little tired when we returned. After that Irina, Dianne and myself had lunch and then did a little sightseeing. We had a nice afternoon. Once back at the apartment the owner finally showed up to bring the hair dryer, iron and fix the TV and show us how to use the washer correctly. All things accomplished! yea. Tomorrow I will feel more put together. Tonight after a trip to the store we dined on cheese, crackers and tomatoes for dinner. It hit the spot! We also found out today that both of the girls fathers wrote letters stating they had terminated their rights to the girls! We still don't have a date of return. We will know something positive on Monday. It looks like leaving on Saturday the 30th or Tuesday the 2nd. It all depends if the US Embassy is open on the last Friday of the month or not. We will find out Monday. I only have pics of our outing today, none of the girls, sorry!


  1. Cheese, crackers, and tomatoes...for some reason that is just sounding so good to me right now!


    Brooke Annessa

  2. So glad you're finally able to see the end in sight! You'll be home soon.

  3. Jackie - you and Dianne are in my prayers (as well as the girls and your family back home.) Also you might be interested in knowing my bra is wet and it's not because of no dryer - the humidity here is so high - you walk outside and ALL your clothes instantly drip. So, maybe that will make you feel better; then again maybe it is TMI!!! Keep looking up HE is in control!



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